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Find Engineering Management jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Engineering Management jobs are those that link tech problem-solving capacities and management skills.

Engineering Managers figure out how to get the most out of technical, financial, and human resources to achieve business objectives. These roles bridge the gap between technology and companies, and generally carry the responsibility of leading a team of engineers.

A master’s degree in Engineering is a great bonus to have for professionals wishing to work in these roles. Additional certifications are also a plus. Knowing some programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, C, or Python can be a further asset in Engineering Management roles.

The ability to thrive in a fast-moving environment with constantly shifting goals and requirements is required to succeed in these kinds of positions. An understanding of business development is a great asset for Engineering Management. Communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and the ability to adapt to new situations are further skills that are required for an Engineering Manager.

MIT in Boston is regarded as the best university to study Engineering Management. University College London in the United Kingdom also proposes a well-reputed Master of Systems Engineering Management.

Jobs belonging to the category of Engineering Management can be extremely varied, reflecting the range of industries that make use of their skills. What distinguishes them from Software Engineering roles is the greater responsibility these positions carry, and the leadership skills they require.

These positions are also generally more senior than development roles, and multi-year experience with different software and technologies is necessary for guiding a team.

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Some of our Engineering Management jobs

Application Manager – eHealth - Zurich, Switzerland

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Business Applications Manager - Lucern, Switzerland

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Deputy CTO, Software - Zurich, Switzerland

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DFT Engineer - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Digital Design Engineer - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Gestionnaire d’applications (géomatique) - Lausanne, Switzerland

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IT Architect Java - Stuttgart, Germany

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Java Developer - Zurich, Switzerland

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Java Team Leader - St.Gallen, Switzerland

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Mobile Apps Project Manager - Zurich, Switzerland

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Oracle Applications Developer - Stuttgart, Germany

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PHP Developer - St.Gallen, Switzerland

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Senior Analog Technical Lead - Lausanne, Switzerland

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