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Find Digital Marketing jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Digital Marketing jobs represent a fairly recent category in the job market, as it arose with the advent of social media.

It is a broad descriptor that consists of many specialisations such as Digital Specialist, Digital Manager, SEO specialist, etc. However, on the whole, digital marketers are responsible for a company’s online presence. They can be focused on social media, website development, or even both, and employ a number of tools to increase visibility.

The main tasks in this kind of work include: analysing digital data in order to optimise the company’s website; creating digital marketing campaigns; managing different social media accounts; deciding on the company’s digital strategy; sending out newsletters to customers; monitoring metrics to track progress; and contributing to the brand and image of their company.

In order to work in this field, it is beneficial to have a Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing. It is also important to have some experience in marketing. When it comes to specific technologies, working knowledge of SEO best practices is necessary, and some experience with image- and video-editing software such as Photoshop and After Effects is an asset. Finally, having great attention to detail, an understanding of various social media platforms, and problem-solving skills will make you a great candidate for a Digital Marketing position.

Marketing best practices are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in order to get the best results.

Digital Marketing jobs are in high demand these days as companies strive to increase their online presence.

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Some of our Digital Marketing jobs

Consultant Digital Communication - Cologne, Germany

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Digital Content/Project Manager (German speaking) - St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Digital Key Account Manager - Fribourg, Switzerland

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Digital Marketing Manager - Bern, Switzerland

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E-Commerce Digital Team Manager - Zurich, Switzerland

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Growth Hacker - Geneva, Switzerland

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IT Sales Consultant - Stuttgart, Germany

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Marketing Growth Hacker - Manhheim, Germany

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Marketing Manager - Lugano, Switzerland

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Mobile Developer - Geneva, Switzerland

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Senior Digital Analytics Consultant - Zurich, Switzerland

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Social Media Manager - Geneva, Switzerland

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Social Media Specialist - Geneva, Switzerland

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