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Find Design jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A job in Design can come in many different forms. Some examples of Design Jobs include Graphic Designer, Product Designer, and UX Designer.

Among other things, designers work on the visual elements of a website, an app, or graphics. Design jobs can be needed in all kinds of industries and require substantial practical knowledge of particular tools. The most commonly used design tools are Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Flash, After Effects, and others.

A UX Designer is a good example of a Design job and is rapidly growing in demand. UX refers to “User Experience” and describes a user’s experience when interacting with a user interface (UI).

The main goal of a UX Designer is to make it easy and intuitive for a user to operate a system in the way it was intended. UX Designers are sometimes referred to as Product Designers as well. A Product designer works on the following aspects: prototypes, wireframes, mockups, and User Journey Maps. A creative streak is absolutely necessary for working in this domain.

UI Designers constitute yet another great example of a Design job. They focus on “User Interface Design”, meaning the graphical layout of an application or website. UI Designers need to have a strong base in graphic design.

The main differences between Graphic Designers and UI Designers are the following: Graphic Designers are pixel-focused and specialised, whereas UI Designers are user-focused and multi-disciplinary.

In general, Design jobs do not require specific university degrees; prior experience in Art, Graphic Design, or related disciplines, and knowledge of different tools constitute the main requirements.

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