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What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript, often referred to by its abbreviation JS, is a lightweight dynamic scripting programming language.

JavaScript was created 20 years ago and allows users to develop embedded applications, mobile applications, and TV-sets apps, among others. 

Many websites are developed in JavaScript, which was first implemented in web browsers. This programming language is composed of dynamic typing, prototype-based object orientation, and first-class functions.

It is a front-end technology and should not be confused with Java, which is used for back-end programming. The two can, however, be complementary.

JavaScript’s advantages include a high level of interactivity, immediate feedback to the visitor, and less server interaction.

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Some of our JavaScript jobs

Application Developer Java - Olten, Switzerland

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Backend Developer - Geneva, Switzerland

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Front-End Developer - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Front-End Developer - Renens, Switzerland

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Front-End Software Engineer - Zurich, Switzerland

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Frontend React Developer - Renens, Switzerland

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Full-Stack Developer - Geneva, Switzerland

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Fullstack Web Developer - Zurich, Switzerland

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Software QA Test Engineer - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Technical Support Engineer - Jura, Switzerland

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