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Find IT Project Management jobs in Switzerland and Germany

IT Project Management is a discipline that allows organisations to identify interesting technologies and the value they can bring to a company.

IT Project Management jobs are not about launching the next new technology, but rather aligning technology solutions with the company’s business objectives. This can include elements such as technology strategy, technology forecasting, technology roadmap, and a technology project portfolio.

Some jobs that fall into the category of IT Project Management are Product Owner, IT Project Manager, and Head of Technology.

The benefits of having an IT Project Management team in a company are the following: it decreases the cost of operations, and it makes it possible to launch new products and enter new markets.

Additionally, IT Project Management helps companies reflect on issues of scale and format. Some questions that companies might ask themselves include: is it worthwhile to deploy cloud computing? How can we integrate artificial intelligence? How much would it cost to deploy an object using IoT? Is blockchain secure enough for one project or another? These, and others, are questions that IT project managers and a Head of IT Operations can answer.

The skills required are as follows: the ability to manage staff; defining and maintaining information technology strategies; good problem-solving skills; and strategic planning.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in an IT field is a must. Additionally, because this is a senior role, multi-year experience in IT positions is paramount.

For all IT Project Management jobs, knowledge of various software is indispensable. It is also important to stay up to date with the latest technology trends.

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Some of our IT Project Management jobs

🔴 Product Owner - Geneva, Switzerland

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🔴 Senior IT Project Manager - Geneva, Switzerland

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🟢 Application Manager - Lugano, Switzerland

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🟢 Business Applications Manager - Lucern, Switzerland

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🟢 Deputy CTO, Software - Zurich, Switzerland

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🟢 Digital Project Manager - Munich, Germany

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🟢 ERP Projektleiter (Abas) - Stuttgart, Germany

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🟢 Head of Product - Basel, Switzerland

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🟢 IT Business Analyst - St.Gallen, Switzerland

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🟢 IT Business Manager - Ulm, Germany

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🟢 IT Project Manager - Zurich, Switzerland

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🟢 Medical IT Specialist - Winterthur, Switzerland

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🟢 Technical Productmanager - Berlin, GermanyStuttgart, Germany

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🟢IT Sales Consultant - Stuttgart, Germany

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🟢Senior CSV Consultant - Mannheim, Germany

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