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What is HTML ?

HTML is the abbreviation of “Hypertext Markup Language” and is the standard markup language for web pages.

The physicist Tim Berners-Lee invented this internet-based hypertext system in 1990. HTML code allows one to produce electronic documents and pages that are visible on the web.

Markup is used by HTML to annotate text, content and images in a web browser and tags such as “<” and “>” delineate HTML elements and allow them to appear on the page.

HTML’s extension files are .htm or .html. HTML5 is known as the new generation of HTML and performs better in terms of control and interactivity.

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🔴 Backend Developer - Geneva, Switzerland

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🔴 Communication/PR - Geneva, Switzerland

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🔴 Content Manager/Social Media - Geneva, Switzerland

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🔴 Full-Stack Developer - Geneva, Switzerland

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🟢 Webdesign – Frontend Developer - Stuttgart, Germany

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