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Find Data Analytics jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Data Analytics jobs is a category that can include roles such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Analyst.

Though there are similarities between Business Analytics and Data Analytics, the latter is much broader. A Data Analyst can study company data and help upper management make the best business decisions. They collect data, interpret it, and then decide on the best practices to implement. However, Data Analytics can also be employed by scientists to complement their research.

Defining analysis techniques constitutes an essential part of all these roles, as does data extraction and interpretation.

To enter the field of Data Analytics, studies in Math, Statistics, Marketing, Computer Science, or a related degree is required. Some prior experience is useful, but may not be necessary, depending on the seniority of the position.

Skills such as analytical thinking, and modeling and interpreting data are beneficial for Data Analysts. It is also important to be able to organise and prioritise your work, respect deadlines, and write comprehensive reports.

An understanding of business concepts is an asset for these positions, and strong communication skills are very important. Being able to convey relevant information to other teams is a big part of Data Analytics jobs.

Statistics is an important component of Data Analytics and working knowledge of tools such as R and SAS is necessary. Extracting information from datasets is the core function of a Data Analyst.

As such, positions in this field generally ask for experience with one or more of the following programming languages: Python, R, Java, SQL, Julia, Scala, MATLAB, and TensorFlow.

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Some of our Data Analytics jobs

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🔴 Digital Data Analyst - Geneva, Switzerland

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🟢 IT-Mitarbeiter - Frankfurt, Germany

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🟢 BizTalk Developer - Fribourg, Switzerland

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🟢 Business Intelligence Analyst - St.Gallen, Switzerland

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🟢 Data Analyst Consultant - Geneva, Switzerland

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🟢 SAP Consultant (SCM) - Geneva, Switzerland

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🟢 SAP Consultant Commerce - Stuttgart, Germany

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🟢 SAP Consultant MES - Stuttgart, Germany

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🟢 Senior Consultant (Data Science) - Munich, Germany

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🟢 Senior Consultant (DWH) - Munich, Germany

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🟢 Senior Software Engineer PLC - Bern, Switzerland

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