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Find Business Analyst jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A business analyst bridges the gap between business and IT. This position involves the analysis of the business needs of a company in terms of IT services in order to solve current or future problems, increase efficiency, and add value. Overall, a business analyst acts as a facilitator when a company wants to implement changes to its business model.

In more detail

The main tasks asked of a business analyst are to analyse data and produce reports in order to make business decisions. They must liaise with stakeholders in order to understand the business needs of the company.

Following this, they analyse processes and products to determine how they contribute to business objectives. Then, business analysts must propose solutions and develop business cases. The projects must meet the objectives set by stakeholders, all while balancing technological and financial feasibility with functionality. As such, business analysts must be well versed with the technical side of things, and be able to translate the business needs into tech terms in order to provide direction to the IT team.

The specific tasks of the business analyst – the kind of problems they identify and solutions they propose – can vary greatly from project to project. Business process analysts, IT business analysts, and data analysts are some examples of business analysts, demonstrating the variety of roles that correspond to this work. In general, the skills required for this kind of position are business acumen, an analytical mindset, and very good attention to detail. Experience in running A/B testing by analysing a lot of data is also necessary.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Information Technology is a frequent requirement to pursue this field, though not indispensable. It is, however, necessary to have experience in financial analysis and an understanding of business value creation.

Furthermore, communication skills are an absolute must in order to be able to engage with stakeholders and coordinate with development and testing teams.

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