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Find Backend Engineer jobs in Switzerland

A backend engineer works on the server-side components of web applications. In other words, he or she is responsible for creating web app functions and defining the logic behind them.

They work hand-in-hand with frontend developers who, in contrast, are responsible for the customer-facing components. Together, they create a seamless experience for users by combining user-friendly design with the desired functionality of the product.

In more detail

Among their varied responsibilities, backend engineers focus on coding and debugging web applications. They must be capable of building robust and scalable software in different languages. In particular, they must specialise in those used by the company they work for.

Typically, they take charge of designing and creating services and the system architecture for their projects. Additionally, they must maintain code quality by implementing unit tests and code reviews, and subsequently optimising their code for functionality and efficiency.

In order to produce code that integrates well with the rest of the application and functions as desired, they must collaborate with the software development team as a whole, and especially with frontend developers. Furthermore, understanding and managing a hosting environment, as well as being in charge of the database administration are common tasks.

A backend engineer needs to know at least one of the following programming languages: C++, Ruby, Scala, Java, or PHP. They must also be knowledgeable about their respective frameworks. Experience in software design is necessary for backend engineering positions.

Good organisational and great interpersonal skills are essential for this position, as this kind of role often requires a great deal of collaboration with project managers and other software engineers. For this reason, good communication and leadership skills are also very beneficial.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a related field is often a requirement for this position. However, companies are increasingly open to candidates with an equivalent and proven experience in backend software development.

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