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7 Best Spotify Playlists for Coding Productivity in 2022

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Another year, another summer.

And be it because of the heatwave or the much-welcome longer days, this is the season when we start feeling that never-ending desire to step outside (to do virtually anything rather than staying in front of a computer coding until our fingers are numb).

Despite all its glory, summer also equates to our productivity level going down faster than we can mutter “more iced coffee, please”.

That’s due to the soar in temperature and those seemingly never-ending summertime distractions affecting our output (who invented Monday happy hour during summer, after all?).

If you’re a coder, these lapses in productivity might be affecting your work more than you’d care to admit.

We understand. Regardless of being a coder, you’re only human and most certainly not a robot. And you must keep your morale up so that you can perform at an optimal level and avoid showing signs of burnout.

With that in mind, we’ve created this post with the 7 best Spotify playlists for coding productivity, by genre.

Does Music Improve Productivity for Coders?

A happy mindset is fundamental to efficiency and productivity. And music has the power to reduce the boredom often associated with repetitive tasks such as coding.

A study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that music could have a psychophysiological effect on endurance exercise. This means that if you listen to music while coding, for example, you’d be more likely to beat both physical and mental fatigue. In short: depending on the music genre, it can make you more productive.

This is to say, providing background music while you work has a positive impact on your brain’s function and overall productivity. Also, music can instantly increase your motivation and cognitive function, working better than coffee to keep you awake for long hours.

Those who listen to music while coding:

  • Stay motivated longer
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Work more effectively

The Importance of Productivity for Coders

Productive coders are extremely valuable to any given organization. Not only can they code faster, but the code they render is higher quality than those who are more distracted.

Because of the complexity of coding projects, a coder’s productivity is not black and white and can be often difficult to be assessed. Usually, it could be done in two ways:

  1. Using a Line of Code (LOC) - a rough estimate
  2. The quality of the written code

Being a productive coder can bring incredible benefits to you, such as:

  • Higher pay
  • Greater internal morale
  • Better responsibilities
  • Increased popularity among peers
  • Career progression

So if you wanna be a good coder to reap all these amazing worker benefits (and more), you need to take your productivity into account.

Today we’ll share the 7 best Spotify playlists for coders to be productive so that you optimally progress your career.

We were sure to disclose these playlists for coding productivity according to your preferred genre, mood, and work rhythm.

Let’s get started.

Top 7 Spotify Playlists for Coders So That You Work at Your Full Potential

If you’re one of the coders who find it difficult to focus because your productivity doesn’t work like a magic ON/OFF switch button, we’re here to help.

Find below our favorite Spotify playlists for coding productivity. All selected for you so that you can focus better at work!

1. Deep Focus

This is one of those playlists that never go out of style. And its name says all you need to know. Also, this playlist for coding productivity is reminiscent of music you could perhaps listen to in upscale shopping malls or beauty salons. It doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, and its tunes would make you unconsciously shake your head back and forth while you code.

  • Genre: Ambient
  • Likes: 3,684,601
  • Songs: 178
  • Hours: approx. 8h

2. Instrumental Study

Instruments are those fantastic things to listen to for a productivity boost while working, studying, coding, etc. It’s easy to get lost in the intense sonnets and due to the lack of lyrics, instrumental playlists make it infinitely easier to remain focused, as opposed to other genres.

There is even a theory allied with 'The Mozart Effect', which suggests that listening to instrumental music can enhance your brain’s activity, acting as a catalyst for improving health and wellbeing.

  • Genre: Instrumental (i.e., Classics)
  • Likes: 1, 659, 672
  • Songs: 393
  • Hours: approx. 16h

3. Popular Music 2022 Hits & Best Music of the 2000s

If you can’t help but hum to the viral TikTok songs that seem to be everywhere, you’ll love this Spotify playlist for coding too.

Get lost for hours with the most popular pop tracks right now (mixed in with early 2000s hits to kick in a bit of nostalgia too).

Pop is a type of music genre that has an engaging rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and an approachable musical style that is easy to sing along with. This means that if you enjoy singing while coding to pass by time, listening to pop will surely lift your mood.

  • Genre: Modern Pop / Viral Songs
  • Likes: 97,214
  • Songs: 106
  • Hours: approx. 05h30

4. Trap Nation

Trap music is considered a sub-genre of rap or hip-hop. The music is characterized by heavy synthesizer, complicated hi-hats patterns, atmospheric synths, and lyrical content, typically with references to the struggles.

The trap is a great music genre to listen to code because this hip-hop sub-genre is hard-hitting and has catchy tunes.

  • Genre: EDM Trap
  • Likes: 2, 038, 418
  • Songs: 154
  • Hours: approx. 08h

5. Rock Party

This is one of those amazing Spotify-created lists that never go out of style. Find the greatest rock classic hits, from Guns N’ Roses to White Stripes and Nirvana. If you like rock, you can’t go wrong with this playlist for coding.

  • Genre: Soft Rock
  • Likes: 2, 077, 165
  • Songs: 80
  • Hours: approx. 05h11

6. 80’s Smash Hits

If you’re feeling in a more groovy mood, listening to 80s disco music would certainly help boost your mood when you code. Throw it back to your favorites from the disco era with this funky beats playlist jam-packed with all the best 80s hits.

  • Genre: Disco
  • Likes: 2, 479, 258
  • Songs: 114
  • Hours: approx. 07h30

7. Back to the 50s

If old school is your style, you must check out the famous ‘Fall out 50s’ playlist. Time to invite Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Ray Charles to code with you all night long.

  • Genre: Old School
  • Likes: 1, 526, 540
  • Songs: 150
  • Hours: approx. 06h30

Ready, Set, Code

Ready, Set, Code

Music can put you in your best mood, give you a much-needed energy boost, and make you feel invincible. With music to back you up, you can stay awake for longer hours, code faster, and even maintain a certain degree of sanity during those (seemingly endless) coding hours.

Whether you’re doing data entry and looking for pump-me-up songs, or creating a new set of code from scratch and need extra focus, we’re confident these playlists for coding will help set the mood.

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