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Find Database Developer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Database developers are those individuals responsible for gathering data before the development of a database. They are also heavily involved in designing and maintaining new and existing databases, and developing methods for accessing the stored information efficiently.

They must frequently collaborate with other specialists and teams in order to understand the company requirements and improve processes.

In more detail

More specifically, a database developer must be capable of designing stable, reliable, and effective databases that allow users to access information efficiently, or modifying existing databases accordingly.

In order to achieve this, they must work with company administrators and clients alike in order to identify new requirements, and provide technical support for any issues that arise. Subsequently, they must also solve problems or malfunctions as they come up. Frequently, database developers collaborate with software developers to ensure system consistency, improve usability, and establish best practices. They are usually required to create reports about the technical specifications of the databases, as well as training manuals.

Database developers must stay on top of trends in data management in order to suggest new database products, protocols, and services, and optimise data storage, recovery, security, and monitoring.

Successful candidates for database developer positions must have an in-depth understanding of data management, preferably with relevant previous experience. This can be in designing and developing database architectures, or administering or managing databases.

Software development experience is also necessary, and broad knowledge of SQL is very beneficial for work with databases. Knowledge of .NET, JavaScript, HTML, and Oracle are further assets. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field is a minimum requirement for this kind of position.

It is also important to possess analytical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities. Finally, soft skills such as organisation, communication, and collaboration are generally required, and keen attention to detail is absolutely necessary.

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